About Us

Pampered Soaps was founded in 2016 by a husband, wife and daughter team. Pampered Soaps is a 100% completely vegan soap company. We specialize in making all natural vegan soaps, lotions, bath bombs, hair care products, herbal medicines, and everyday healthy living products. The wife Regina Ransom, the head artisan of Pampered Soaps has been crafting handmade products for over 30 years. Regina first started learning about the craft of vegan all natural products, and herbal medicine from her grandmother as a child. 

As an adult Regina, got married and had children of her own. Regina made all natural products for her family, and started teaching her children the craft of all natural health, and making soap and body care products that are chemical free. 

Later on in life in her early 30's, Regina went on to advance her knowledge in herbal medicine and obtained a doctoral degree in herbal medicine. Regina now adds the credential of N.D. (Nautropathic Doctor) to her resume.   

Regina, her husband and her daughter all live healthy all natural vegan lifestyles and work together as a family to create the most amazing all natural products for our customers.