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Handmade Soap. Why Back to Basics

Handmade soap is all-natural and key in taking control over what goes on your skin? Our definition of getting back to basics means just that, the simple and all-natural ways of doing things. Using natural products such as handmade soaps. If you are middle-aged or a baby boomer, think back to what type of soap you used as a child? Did you pay attention? Was it a favorite name brand from a television commercial that may have influenced the buying decisions in your home?

The making of handmade soap has been around since 2800 BC and is making a hard and fast come back. Why is getting back to the basics so important you ask? The main reason is because products that are organic and products that are natural are not the same things. Organic products are monitored by the FDA, and any good soap maker follows the rules to the letter, thus creating better long-lasting products.

The traditional soap companies and the ingredients they use are misleading and are toxic for your skin as well as your internal health. For example, all handmade soap contains some form of natural oil, such as Olive oil or coconut oil. These types of oils are natural skin softener that attracts water from the surrounding air, which leaves you with highly moisturized skin throughout the day. The traditional soap companies use harmful products such as formaldehyde to make their soaps last longer, and as a way to emulsify their soaps. All-natural handmade soaps do not require harsh chemicals to last longer, and they do not react to minerals in the air as traditional soaps do.

Getting back to basics is more than using natural products, it is getting back to a way of life that is simple and participating in a lifestyle that benefits our overall health. Take the journey with us and try a natural soap product and learn the difference. Knowledge is power. https//:www.pamperedsoaps.com


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